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Monday May 23rd

Moonstar Restaurant proudly presents A Sushi Cake Special. This decorative Sushi Cake is built with 6 different sushi rolls, abalone nigiri and salmon sashimi. Perfect for any type of celebration for the sushi lover. Mini size is also available, please call 650)-992-2888 for further details.
12:00 AM -

Tuesday May 24th

"To celebrate Chinese New Year, we are rolling out this delicious Poon Choi(盆菜) a Chinese dish made for family gatherings. Ingredients have been hand-selected and meticulously crafted by our culinary team. Pre-order now while supplies last! INGREDIENTS: ABALONE, SEA CUCUMBER, FISH MAW, DRY SCALLOP, BBQ PORK, MUSHROOM, FAT CHOY, ROAST PORK, TARO, BROCCOLI, & NAPA CABBAGE
12:00 AM -

Sunday May 29th

Moonstar Crispy Tray: Great for Father Days, Game days, Graduation Mozzarella Cheese stick, Broccoli, Calamari, Shrimp, Chicken Drummet, Pumpkin, Imitation Crab Meat, Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Carrot, Fruit Salad, Please call (650)-992-2888 for prices!
12:00 AM -